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Hallo again,

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been a bit busy but a promise is a promise, so here I’m back again with another little “story” about the nozzle technology, a modern one which is still going on…

As I said in my other post, in the late 90’s the British company DeVilbiss sold the Aerograph airbrush factory to Bell Creative supplies. Since then, many people, including myself, noticed a big decline of the quality of spraying performances of those airbrushes, namely Sprite and Super 93.

The design of the nozzles had been changed and were no more comparable to the very high standards of the DeVilbiss age. I remember a friend of mine, very close to DeVilbiss and aerograph, lamenting that they didn’t seem to have the know-how and/or the right machines to produce those extremely good nozzles as before. Moreover, the kind of brass they’d use was somehow softer than it used to be, i e the front hole would get enlarged by the pressure of the needle and after a while, the thin line would get larger and larger, thus dcreasing the precision of the instrument. Don’t get me wrong: those airbrushes were still quite good, but for those artists as myself, Andy Penaluna, Eddy Wouters, and many others, who had been using the Super 63 for 20 years or so, it was impossible not to notice the difference.
Some year later Aerograph introduced the Premier (some of you sure have read the article about it in Art Scene magazine), basicly a new version of the 63, with a new needle carrier, with which it is now possible to regulate the pressure of the needle spring. Eddy called that a “Dream airbrush”, a further improvement of what was considered for 30 years the best airbrush in the world (!). But that nozzle problem wa still there…What a pity.

So Eddy came out with this idea: why don’t we find somebody, factory or whatever, who have the technology and the know-how
to make a nozzle with the old design and quality? Of course it would have been produced in a small quantity, only for the personal use of the 3 of us or so, as there’s a “copywrite” on the design of those parts and you just can’t sell them on the market.
The idea was to use an old type nozzle (brand new, never used) as a “model”, to reproduce its design. He was thinking to do this in Belgium, but never got to an agreement. And here’s where Giorgio Guazzi enters the story.

Giorgio always claimed the area of Italy where he lives (around about Modena, where Ferrari and Maserati are produced) as being one of the most advanced in the whole Europe and, to tell the honest truth, I used to think he’d exagerate a bit :-) When he heard about this item he tought the moment had arrived to prove he ws right, and he begun serching a factory that would suit the need. After many phone calls and trips back and forth, he finally found this small factory at about 20 kilometers from his studio: Microprecisione.
I visited it once and I guarantee you it is amazing what they can do: they’re specialized in microtechnology and produce machanical devices which can be seen wellonly with a microscope! They do parts for the Tornado jet plane, for example, and aerospace microcomponents (satellites, space probes, etc.)
In short: the best people to do our job.

What they did, they cut this sample nozzle in two parts to reveal the inner design (I believe they used a laser beam, but they would never go into details about that, easy to understand the reason) then scanned it with one of their special computers, connected with a microscope, and reproduced a digital “model” of the design. Then they made some prototypes which Giorgio tested first, giving the right advices to make them best. Not only the design was the “classic”one, but they used a brass which is even stronger than the old one, thus solving the problem of the “softness”. Also, they’d re-shape and change the taper of some conventional needle, to match the “new” design of the nozzle.

In the meantime Mister Ferigo, the Chief engeneer and owner, came out with this idea of trying different, special materials
for that nozzle, so he did prototypes in Deliril, Plexiglass, and finally came out with this material: Ultem. That is a very advanced
material used in medical and aerospace industry, it is very resistent ad unbreakable. The tests we did were very encouraging:
not only the nozzle wouldn’t break if dropped on the floor, but it is transparent, so you can see perfectly the inside: a great help when you clean it. Also, it doesn’t stick with the metal of the needle and performes a very thin ans soft spray pattern.
Andy Penaluna and myself were so happy with them that we ordered some more. Besides, the best test for anything is the evereyday
use, sin't it? At Aerografica3 we presented that nozzle both “naked”
and mounted on a sprite airbrush, so people could see and test it freely. I brought one of them with me at the Tuscany Airbrush Week (remember Gabi and Uwe?) and even there it rose a lot of interest.

To conclude: only the time will tell if this is a real revolution or not, first because I think it still needs to be tested in the long time and second because it is basic if factories will accept this idea or not.
By the way: two prototypes (brass and ultem) with a re-shaped needle have been sent to Aerograph, so that they could test them
and decide if to put them into their airbrushes, but we have had
no answer yet, they said they’ve been too busy and found no time to do it yet.

However, last week I have sent Mister Ferigo a nozzle and needle
from the Evolution airbrush, with the request to produce some ultem prototypes of that nozzle as well (which we will present in absolute preview during next Aerografica).
We have spread some seeds…we’ll see if something grows out of it.

Thanks for your attention and Keep on Spraying,

Marco Paoletti
12.12.2004 10:41
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hi Marco

very interesting story. It`s fantastical that people care about to make material better and better. And it`s a pity, that Aerograph says that they`re too busy....

Im curious about the new material and will have a look if I ever see something about synthetic nozzles.

have a nice day

12.12.2004 11:03
Frank-M. Stahlberg Frank-M. Stahlberg ist männlich


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Hi, Marco!

What another interesting and exciting story of the world of airbrush! It's impressing what you have to tell us, which experiences you have made.
Im very strained to see, and to test this new nozzle at Aerografica 2005 if possible.
Especially interesting to me is the attempt to do the same with the Evolution, because this is, beside the Rich AB, the mostly used Gun of my inventory.
So I hope more and more that nothing happens, which prevents me to vistit the next Aerografica.

Many thanks for this report!
I wish you to have a nice Advent season!



oder direkt zu Bildern von mir
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thank you for this detailed explanation.
In addition, I know only two persons the new Devillbis bought, it are not content with the nozzle. I can however now communicate that to them improvement in view am here.

Many greetings

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Uwe Furtner
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Hello Marco,

yes I remember the nozzle and needle, which you took with you in the Toscana week. For sure it was very impressive.
The needle was not complete, it was just a short part to put over the original needle top. Is it planned to let it in that way or was it just done like this for tests and to spare material? Otherwise I could imagine that the top needle part will sometimes stick into the nozzle.

It's brilliant that you also let them build a version for the Evolution. I have about 10 of them and I have to change the needle quite often. Because when beginners use the gun it happens that they fall on the floor from time to time. And they are also not so firm with the cleaning procedure.
The transparent nozzle will help a lot, that’s right. Maybe this high tech Company can also build a Nano-surface? Then the cleaning will also become much easier.

If there is anything what we can also help for, please tell us!

13.12.2004 11:09
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Hi again my firends smile sorry for the delay.

First of all, thank you very much for the interest you have shown in the subject. However, please remember that i only acted as a "reporter" and "connection", as all the merit goes to those who had the ideas and did the job: Eddy Wouters in the first place and then Giorgio, who found the factory, and this man, Mister Ferigo.

Smika, please remind me to show you that nozzle next time we meet and I also think it's a pity Aerograph hasn't had the time to do any test yet. On the other hand, we must understand them, they are really busy, especially in this time of the year, and since they've shown a true interest in those prototypes, I am sure they'll do those tests as soon as they can. Anyway after Christmas holydays I will send them a reminder.

Hi Frank, yes, that about the Evolution is a great challenge, also because I believe it is now maybe the most popular airbrush here in Europe (at least in the very continent) so I really hope Mister Ferigo will make another success. In this case it should be simpler (I hope) as it is not intended to change the design of the nozzle and needle, but only to reproduce the very same nozzle in ultem instead of brass. Of course I will keep you people informed on how it all developes.

Harald, you may tell your friends who bought the new DeVilbiss (if they don't know) that brass nozzles for DeVilbiss/Aerograph are being produced in Germany by Harder and Steenbeck, they are probably a little better then those originalsmade now in Britain but still give some little problems, they are too "quick" in my opinion, not enough "progressive", as they start spraying too soon for my taste. You may improve that a bit by tuning them, but still in my opinion there's no compare with the old original DeVilbiss nozzles. Moreover, the needles Harder produces are ok for the super '63 but too short for the Premier, which has got a longer needle carrier. Still, I think getting some German nozzles and try to get them fit with British needles may be something to try out for your friends, that is, until Aerograph tests those new prototypes

Ciao Uwe,

What I showed you in Toscana week were two different ideas:
The synthetic nozzle is supposed to work with normal metal needles, which Microprecisione re-shaped in the taper, to match the "old" new design of the nozzles. That has been (and still is being) tested with great results from the different artists I mentioned.
The other needle with an ultem "use and throw" tip is another story: it was one of the many ideas of Mister Ferigo, who does his work with a lot of passion, and really got involved in trying new ideas, technologies and materials. I have not been able to test it yet because the shaft diameter is too large and doesn't enter in the airbrush, so maybe later I will ask him - when he has time - to produce another or make this smaller. Anyway I know what you mean, in fact the original idea was to make micro threads both on needle and tip, so the you may screw the tip in the shaft. This one is not really likely to work because as you say it seems it would get stuck in the nozzle and get separated from the needle shaft. Anyway I decided not to mention this idea for the moment to Mister Ferigo as I don't want to interfer, because this nozzle for Evo come first, for obvious reasons.
By the way, he also produced a prototype needle in carbon fibre (extremely hard and durable material) Giorgio has mounted that on one of his Paasche (he had to enlarge the hole in the airbrush, because this needle was also too large) and had promised to bring it with him at Aerografica3, but then he forgot :-((( so I never had a chance too try it or see it in action, but Giorgio claims it works very well. Maybe we can get him to bring it along next year, and for sure I'll do my best to make sure he does!
Last thing, I'm sorry, don't know what a "nano-surface" is, could you please explain? Every idea and/or contribution is of course very welcome so, yes,please: if any of you people got any suggestion that could help, I'd really apreceate, thanks! :-)

I whish all of you friends a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year, full of spraying wonders!!!!

All the Best,


23.12.2004 15:53
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Weiß zufällig jemand ob aus dem Vorhaben härtere Evodüsen zu bauen etwas geworden ist? Sind ja schon ein paar Tage vergangen seit den letzten Beiträgen großes Grinsen
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Das wuerde mich auch interessieren.


lieber arm dran, als bein ab....
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